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Notably, judges have said they want to see the two branches engage in good-faith negotiations to find a compromise that accommodates the constitutional needs of each, so Mr. The Trump administration had offered to let a small number of congressional leaders read a less-redacted version of the report that would permit them to see information related to, for example, ongoing investigations and cases, although not the grand-jury material. But the Justice Department insisted that they sign nondisclosure agreements and take no notes away with them, so they would not be able to discuss what they saw even with other members of the Judiciary Committee.

Democrats said that offer was insufficient. Even when executive privilege might provide a legal basis to defy a subpoena, courts have ruled that presidents can lose that shield in circumstances where the privilege was waived by sharing that previously confidential information with outsiders.

For example, in , an appeals court ruled that the Clinton administration waived the privilege over documents that it permitted a personal lawyer for an executive branch official to see. And in , a Federal District Court judge ruled that the Obama administration had waived the privilege over documents that were described and quoted in a public inspector general report.

Those precedents could pose a challenge for the Trump administration to keep Congress from receiving documents related to the special counsel investigation, or to keep it from subpoenaing testimony from Mr. McGahn II, a witness in several potential obstruction-of-justice episodes detailed in the portions of Mr. Barr made public. It could take months or years if Mr. Trump is determined to put up a fight over such issues for every subpoena, appealing any losses all the way to the Supreme Court.

What can lawmakers do if someone defies a subpoena? What is the punishment for contempt of Congress? Can Congress enforce a contempt citation on its own? What about going to court? Is there a legal basis to withhold the full Mueller report? Could the House seek a court order on its own?

What can lawmakers do if someone defies a subpoena?

What about executive privilege? Has the privilege been waived? He also actively played basketball in the former Yugoslav basketball league. In the early 90ties he was a basketball coach of Sloboda Dita club in Tuzla where he also ran a basketball school. After working for two years in his early 20ties as a machine technician in the Mramor coal mines, Robert went into private sector, mainly in entrepreneurship, marketing and production industry.

Its programmes appeal to the development of awareness through several socially beneficial themes that span both entities in BiH. His company also includes the ABC models agency which organizes school for young models, promotes and engages them in BiH and in the world.

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Since , twice a year, the agency ABC models traditionally organizes BiH Fashion Week in four BiH cities Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla , which certainly contributes significantly to the affirmation of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian fashion industry of culture and tradition, along with the young designers and other creative people who participate in the realization of this fashion event. He is currently not a member of any political party, but is still very socially active.

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From to Robert was a board member of the America-Bosnia Foundation, and two years was the executive director of the Foundation for BiH. During that time, the Foundation has implemented many projects in BiH and the United States, with the aim of better understanding and strengthening friendly relations with the United States. Kenan Ademovic, attorney at law, was born in in Sarajevo where he finished six grades of the Elementary School.

He finished High School in Ethiopia as he lived there at that time. Since Kenan is the 5th generation of attorneys at law on his mother's side and forth on his father's side. Kenan's great-grandfather was an Attorney at law back in the late He worked as an legal expert in several projects of the European Commission.

He was a elected representative in the Sarajevo Canton from to At the present he is not active politically. Kenan is fluent in English language and author of two books, many article regarding legal matters, etc. After successfully completing several projects, he established his own company in One of his first projects as an independent producer was documentary series about ordinary people who had done something remarkable for their community and serve as a good social example.

In he produced the first ever made animated documentary about Michael Pupin - one of the greatest scientists of all times.

Mediatization of Politics

Documentary reached an audience of more than 1. Sava graduated from University of Belgrade in , majoring history and Byzantium art. In in New York he founded his own successful company whose main activity are imports of industrial equipment and spare parts from the US, Canadian and Japanese markets to the ex-Yugoslav market and the markets of some African and Asian countries.

His company supplies laboratory and testing equipment and also electronic equipment from USA and Japan. His focus is also the modernization of existing equipment in several factories of Serbian defense industry.

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In the Company has been incorporated and registered for sales of arms and military equipment. As a result, the Company signed an Agreement with the army and police of Sri Lanka for the supply of military equipment. Zoran Daljevic Zoran is one of the leading business and financial experts in the region, specialized in the food, beverage and distribution sector. The AG is the largest producer and distributor of snacks, savory, coffee, beverages and food products in this part of Europe.

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In he was appointed Integration Manager for one of the leading Serbian food companies, Foodland, to oversee its smooth inclusion into the Atlantic Group. From to Zoran was PepsiCo Intl. From to he was Allied Domecq Agencies d. Zoran worked in the NEA d. Zoran graduated from the School of Economics, Department of economic statistics and cybernetics, University of Belgrade where he was also appointed its Vice-Chancellor of Belgrade in Business communication, Nova Gorica, He is an avid mountain climber.

Nikola Mijailovic Serbian baritone Nikola Mijailovic has received accolades for his operatic and concert performances throughout the world. A versatile artists equally at home on both concert and opera stages, Nikola has collaborated with some of the most eminent conductors of our day including Giuseppe Sinopoli, Riccardo Muti, Leopold Hager, Zoltan Peszko, Stefano Ranzani, Arthur Fagen, Michail Jurowski, Nicola Luisotti to name just a few.

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Mijailovic was bom in Belgrade, Serbia in After taking a diploma in piano, he continued vocal studies at the University of Arts with his mother, a renowned serbian soprano Radmila Smiljanic. Nikola Mijailovic completed his studies at Academia di perfezionamento per cantanti lirici del Teatro alla Scala in Milano, under the vocal guidance of Leila Gencer and Luigi Alva in Paralel to his singing carrier Nikola Mijailovic has been a full time professor at the Vocal department of the Faculty of Music at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia since For years Qemal promoted building bridges, confidence and trust between Serbians and Albanians and championed for multiethnic society there.

Always against any radicalism he was and is dedicated to paving the way for prosperity and economic stability. His main focus in the time of Balkan wars was on peace activities and trust-building between Serbians and Albanians. Qemal, speaks Albanian, Serbian and Macedonian languages, is married and has two sons. Colonel of the Serbian Army and a security expert, is a well-known supporter of Serbia's faster inclusion into the European Union and strengthening of the countries ties with the rest of the world.

Even as an active officer Predrag was dedicated to dialogue between all sides in any conflict. He made a brilliant staff career in the Army in the field of security. He attended the military police course in Belgrade and the special course for anti-terrorist operations in Belgrade. As a security expert Predrag has understood importance of individual activism and has always opposed any kind of radicalism, nationalism or racism.

https://sticeakcacaltai.tk After many years serving in the Army, Predrag focused on humanitarian work. Predrag is married and speaks Serbian, Greek and English. Karl L. Before he founded in the Karl de la Guerra, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona, who has managed in a state-wide security and private investigation agency. Diplomatic Security Service terrorism awareness course etc From - Karl Made numerous appearances on the Phoenix, Arizona CBS television affiliate speaking as a subject matter expert on terrorism and security related topics.

Faruk B. He received his B. He received his M. Also, he received his second M. Currently, he is a PhD student in same department. His current research interests are in the fields of hardware, wireless communications, optical communications and wireless sensor networks. Faruk has served as Board member of Turkish Atlantic Council since Moreover, he is also a member of several Turkish and world-wide think tanks and foundations.

He has published and presented scores of papers in scientific magazines and conferences at prestigious institutions all over the world. In , Ivan was appointed at the Faculty of Security in Skopje as an assistant at the Department for police sciences. He helps with the tutorials in different subjects, such as "Introduction into police sciences", "Police ethics and deontology", "Police and public", "Conflict management", "Integrated border management" and "Police management". He has published and presented scientific papers at several academic and professional conferences. After her secondary education she enrolled on the Faculty of Biotechical Sciences in Bitola, where apart from her undergraduate studies in Animal products processing in , she also completed her master studies in the field of Management in Biotechnology in In addition to her formal education, Simona has received a variety of diplomas and certificates from non-formal education, including the Certificate of Implementer of HACCP.

This diploma has helped her to become a member of the Macedonian Scientific Society in Bitola, where she worked from to Since Simona is a manager in Lootus J Center for consulting, training, foreign languages and computers in Bitola, where apart from her work as a manager, she also works as consultant and professor of mathematics to school children. Maurizio Folli Folli is a professional lawyer from , specializing in international law with a respectable international practice in many sectors: real estate, company development, children rights.

Maurizio particularly dedicated his work for the social and human rights. He is the president of lawyers association in Florence. He is also a coordinator and consultant for many non-profit associations, helping people, especially families with children, navigate in the complicated bureaucratic procedures when they arrive from foreign countries. Maurizio is also a professional journalist, writing for various local and national newspapers, focusing on legal matters. Consultant for Studio Daedalus from the beginning, Folli manages all relationships between professionals and companies, helping to choose the right company for each project.

Most of the companies that Studio Daedalus Management follows in foreign Countries, need someone who is specialized in local laws and contracts. He organized a web of Professional lawyer staff in many countries to support and give legal advice. The research of the right partner for a Joint Venture, a precise contract and a sure guarantee on the work, is the most important step for a company who would like to work in a foreign country. Roberto Moriconi Eng. He was the youngest directly elected Member in the House of Representatives in the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the mandate.

His focus was on anti-corruption and especially the fight against system corruption, party influence and the de-politicization of public companies; as well as economic development and youth issues. Before his tenure as a MP Mr. Ustamujic holds a B. Since Mr. He has participated in numerous regional and international conferences as panels. Rade Glomazic Rade Glomazic, born in in Podgorica, Montenegro, is a development economist and global development professional.

He has more than 15 academic publications based on his quantitative and qualitative research. Academic studies in globalisation and international security have been conducted with the United States Institute of Peace and through initiatives of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes. Mr Glomazic's professional work experience includes more than fifteen years of engagement in Development and Co-operation programmes, of which twelve years involve institutional cooperation, economic development and participation in public administration reform projects.

Professor Kemal Yildirim Kemal Yildirim, is a professor for international relations and conflict resolution specialist. He is now engaged at founding the Academy of Sciences of Mesopotamia. He has published dozens of works on conflict resolution, gender rights, international relations, minority issues. As a poet, writer and journalist, he has published eight books and was a correspondent for several newspapers and magazines. He is the author of many musical compositions, well known all over the Brasil.

He is married and has three children. Professor George Reiff Born in in Aix-la-Chapelle, George Reiff is truly a world traveler who commutes regularly between the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe and as a humanist and philanthropist he devotes his life to education and championing the democratic unification of humanity. He obtained his undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education in the Americas and Asia.

Sukothai Thammatirat Open University He obtained a Doctor of Philosophy external PhD program in ed. Suki Medencevic Suki Medencevic was born in Derventa Since shooting his first feature film in the US in , Suki has become a household name on feature length films, television projects and numerous commercials and documentaries. Suki continues to explore cutting edge technology on a large variety of locations all over the world. In , Suki became a member of the American Cinematographers Society, and is currently living and working in Los Angeles. Married with Catalina and has two children.

He worked on several subliminal sales and marketing projects during his education in Italy. During his career, Akkaymak did a lot of documentaries about national and international political issues.

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He was born in Meissen in In his capacity as Executive Business Consultant, with consulting mandates in Germany, Mathias also showed great expertise in accessing new markets in Eastern Europe. Especially during the periods prior to and following the EU accession of the Eastern European countries, Mathias took on various consulting mandates for German medium-sized enterprises in Poland in the areas of Organization, Marketing, Accounting, Rating, and Reporting. Moreover, he is founder and CEO of a consulting firm in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in the design, development, and marketing of high-reach international web portals in the fields of University and Higher Education, Research, Career, Marketing, Finance, Tax, and Web Applications.

Added to this is his managerial activity with a communication consulting firm in Switzerland. Mathias is author of more than thirty scientific papers and studies both nationally and internationally. He regularly organizes conferences and gives lectures on current scientific topics. A German national, he is fluent in English, Polish, and Russian. Nikola was born in in Valjevo, where he currently lives and works. During studies, he became actively involved in several charitable organizations. Currently enrolling a PhD in Marketing and Branding, he plans to pursuit his career in promoting companies, organizations, and countries, and help them achieve their goals.

Areas of interest: Business strategy, Marketing, Corporate culture, Employee development, Business rhetoric, Crisis communication, Negotiation. She is working now at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. For many years Prof. Born in in Sarajevo. Cooperated with several political parties as an election campaign manager and provided political advice to several party leaders. Member of the Association of Free Intellectuals Circle From to , a board member of the America-Bosnia Foundation. He studied at the Medical University in Tuzla and Oslo.

He specialized in diagnostic radiology in Sarajevo and intervention radiology in Norway. Haris has lived and worked in 17 countries in the Middle and Far East and Europe. His core speciality is intervention neuroradiology. During his years in intervention radiology Haris has introduced or modified numerous new procedures. As Chief of the Clinic he deals with a multitude of daily organizational problems as well. He lectures at several other Universities both at home and abroad. Haris was born in Tuzla. Married and father of one. Mirza was born in in Tuzla.

He ranks among the leading Bosnian business experts in his field and is well-versed in Bosnian-German economic relations. Mirza is currently the Director of the Gealan rep office for BiH. He has written a large number of scientific papers and has organized several scientific conferences pertaining to electric energy. He also writes and subs for scientific magazines abroad. Law Firm mainly deals with civil, commercial and family law. She is licensed as an authorized intermediary between spouses before initiating divorce proceedings. She fluently speaks English and German languages.

Married, mother of one child. Michael Santi Michel Santi is a former banker, investment and hedge fund manager. After having worked within major Swiss banking institutions, he created in his own asset management in company. He then sold in his client base and was appointed special advisor to central banks and to sovereign funds. Michel Santi is the author of several books on macro economy and writes since many years weekly chronicles for the swiss and for the french press.

His greatest career contribution is to boost the development of Valjevo, the Serbian town where he was born, and its renaissance during which he helped build a modern gallery, the Petnica Nature Research Station and rally young people to boost economic growth in the region. His biggest successes were in saving and protecting rare bird species in Serbia, including salvation from extinction of a rare type of white-headed eagle in the Tresnjica canyon near Ljubovija.

He has volunteered for the past 25 years as the leader of the NATURA Centre for Natural resources, the national organization for environment and natural resource protection in Serbia. Sinisa was politically active in the 90ties and in the October revolution in He chaired for three years the parliamentary Environment Committee. Since , he was advisor to several ministers and the Prime Minister of Vojvodina. Sinisa is now working in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on issues pertaining to the green growth of the Serbian industry, ecological European integration and application of best technologies and waste and waste water management.

He is one of the leading promoters of the doctrine of circular economy as a new tool of competitive economy, energy efficient and responsible towards local communities. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the Global Compact of the United Nations in Serbia and chairs the group for the promotion of the Millennium goals of sustainable development, adopted in New York in He is actively involved in including SMEs in the promotion of sustainable development of local communities, preservation of values of local resources and better quality of life in creating new jobs. He was also a long term scientific advisor at the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Sarajevo.

In the he won the prestigious Scientist of the Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina award. His main scientific field of interest is forensics, population and molecular genetics and molecular anthropology. All you need is any bank account with a card or any mobile wallet. This will allow you to send money from your bank account to any mobile wallet in the country. And as easily as you can send a message on WhatsApp, you can also send money from your mobile wallet to any bank account in Zimbabwe.

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