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intimate communion

Bodhi Tree. Books Mercantile Journal. Where am I on the path to being a divine masculine or a divine feminine? As an outcome of this session, you will be able to easily navigate your relationships with your other half.

Love That Lasts – Marriage as an Intimate Communion

You will be able to see your patterns. You will be better equipped to deal with the challenges of a man-woman relationship. You should definitely be a part of this session if you as a couple are struggling to have a stable and healthy relationship.

Ambre Antique (US) - An Intimate Communion (Full Album 2019)

Note This session is strictly for couples hetero or homo. The price of the session is per couple. You and your partner have to be present for the entire duration of the session. This session explores sex as a sacred dance between the masculine and the feminine. This session explores our body as a spiritual tool to grow in our inner journey towards freedom which eventually results in having excellent physical connection with your partner as a bonus but not as a primary outcome, the primary outcome being deeper sense of connection with self and partner.


The content of this session is nowhere pornographic or graphic in nature. Come with an open heart to see you, to listen to you and to listen to other people. Come to forgive yourself. Come to set yourself free.

Bring along an un-ruled art book and sketch pens for exploration purpose.