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Komm zur Dunklen Seite des Universums! Aufbruch ins All , scobel, 3sat, 19 Oct Was ist eigentlich ein Meter? Und eine Sekunde?

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Table mountain telescope , Deutsche Welle, 09 Jun Exoplanets: New missions hunting for alien worlds , bbc. Interview about dark energy and the redshift drift , nebulacast. Looking ahead to the Extremely Large Telescope in Chile , chile. Un ojo gigante para descubrir los secretos del universo , Deutsche Welle, 28 Jul Astronomer Dr. Kosmologie, Riesenteleskope und observierende Astronomie , Bayern 2, artmix. Riesenauge , Aktiv, 17 Dec Regular short appearances on "Hallo " , in SWR 3 radio, , Den Beginn der Zeit im Blick , tz, 20 Jul New technique closes in on dark energy , Astronomy Magazine, Jun Around the World in 80 Telescopes , A live, hour webcast featuring 80 different observatories both on and off the planet.

Part of the hours of astronomy project of the International Year of Astronomy ESOcast , iTunes and www. Hubblecast , iTunes and Spacetelescope. Universum ist viel heller als gedacht , Spiegel Online, 19 May Does the universe seem dim to you? Dust dimming our universe , Astronomy, 16 May Astronomers use new model of dust in galaxies to remeasure the total energy output of stars in the universe , Physorg.

Astronomers find that Universe shines twice as bright , Spaceref. Universe twice as bright as known , BBC, 15 May Not sure, it's in Chinese , cutech, 23 Aug Not sure, it's in Russian , Grani, 20 Aug Universe has fuel for another 70bn years , The Scotsman, 19 Aug IAU: What's the Universe made of? Eins, zwei, drei Number of visible stars put at 70 sextillion , ABC, 25 Jul Star survey reaches 70 sextillion , CNN, 23 Jul Astronomers count the stars , BBC, 22 Jul Marconi et al.

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WMAP Conference Publications

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Island Universes Structure and Evolution of Disk Galaxies Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings

Saracco, M. Bolzonella, eds. The Hubblecast - the world's first full HD video podcast? Christensen, M. Kornmesser, R. Shida, W. Gater, J. Zoulias, I. Robson, eds. Liske , S. Bureau, E. Athanassoula, B. Barbuy, eds. The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: the severe attenuation of bulge flux by dusty spiral discs , S. Driver, J. Liske , A. Vallenari, R.

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Cristiani, H. Dekker, M. Haehnelt, P. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book This book contains an up-to-date review of the structure and evolution of disk galaxies from both the observational and theoretical point of view. Show all. Pages Subramaniam, Annapurni et al. J et al. Pages Pettini, Max. Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink. Recommended for you.