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Theoretical issues in contrastive linguistics by Jacek Fisiak. Alexander Kerns by Yoel L. Integrational linguistics, vol. Linguistic reconstruction and Indo-European syntax : proceedings of the colloquium of the Indogermanische Gesellschaft, University of Pavia, September by Paolo Ramat. Semiotic principles in semantic theory by Neal R. Papers in theoretical linguistics by Niels Danielsen. Perspectives on historical linguistics by Winfred Philipp Lehmann. Word order typology and comparative constructions by Paul Kent Andersen. Proto-Romance Morphology Vol.

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Categories and case : the sentence structure of Korean by William D. Grammatical number in English nouns an empirical and theoretical account by Mark A. Studies in the historical phonology of Asian languages by William G. Grammars and grammaticality by Michael B Kac. Language typology typological models in reconstruction by Winfred P.

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Gary Miller. Principles and prediction the analysis of natural language : papers in honor of Gerald Sanders by Mushira Eid. English phonology by John T. Topics in African linguistics by Salikoko S. Alternative linguistics : descriptive and theoretical modes by Philip W. Linguistic variables towards a unified theory of linguistic variation by Hans-Heinrich Lieb. Perspectives on grammaticalization by William Pagliuca.

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Invariance, markedness and distinctive feature analysis a contrastive study of sign systems in English and Hebrew by Yishai Tobin. Cognition and representation in linguistic theory by Antoine Culioli. Lexical knowledge in the organization of language by Urs Egli. Combinatorial morphology by John T. Functional descriptions theory in practice by Ruqaiya Hasan. Linguistic theory and the Romance languages by John Charles Smith. Towards a critical sociolinguistics by Rajendra Singh.

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Microparametric syntax and dialect variation by James R. Clitics, pronouns, and movement by James R. Nostratic: Sifting the Evidence by Brian D. On conditionals again by Angeliki Athanasiadou. Tense and aspect in Indo-European languages : theory, typology, diachrony by John Hewson.

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The cognitive system of the French verb by John Hewson. Linguistics inside out : Roy Harris and his critics by George Wolf. The phonology of coronals by T. Alan Hall. Lexical and syntactical constructions and the construction of meaning : proceedings of the bi-annual ICLA meeting in Albuquerque, July by Eve Sweetser.

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Variation (linguistics)

Any errors therein should be reported to them. Hans-Heinrich Lieb. Hardbound — Available Buy now. This book for the first time reconstructs in a single theoretical framework the more important approaches to linguistic variation found in areas as different as historical linguistics, dialectology, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, stylistics, contrastive linguistics, language typology, so-called evaluation grammar, and current Chomskyan generative grammar generally with an emphasis on syntax.

The book concentrates on language-internal variation but also analyses typological research and considers the question of how linguistic descriptions may account for variation both within and between languages. The book's first and primary aim is adequate conceptualization in the area of linguistic variation. Its second aim is a practical one: to contribute, from a theoretical point of view, to the vast descriptive effort that is demanded in linguistics in documenting endangered languages.

Its third aim is, simply, orientation. Using a non-Labovian notion of linguistic variable, the author distinguishes a holistic and a component approach to linguistic variation. A precise version of the former is developed by formulating a theory of language varieties based on the concept of variety structure of a language; it is then shown how the proposals made by major representatives of the component approach can be integrated into this framework. The theory is extended to interlanguage variation and applied, in particular, to typology.

It is further extended to establish the properties of linguistic descriptions that account for variation in a unified way. On this book. Lieb, Hans-Heinrich Nolda, Andreas Linguistics Typology. Major approaches to linguistic variation. An overview of syntactic variation studies. The diachronic perspective.