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As the story unfolds across the hours of the day, we learn about the noisiest animal in the world, about the invisible universe of strange and magnificent nocturnal creatures, about the species composition of the insect orchestra scoring the jungle at dusk. High in the trees, the birds are about to begin their morning chorus, On the branches, monkeys sit motionless, their long tails hanging down behind them, like dark quarter notes dotting the gray dawn. Soon the sun will chase the mist and another day will begin in the mysterious green world.

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Born in Philadelphia in , Borten spent the first half of her career composing and illustrating such lyrical, visually arresting, scientifically inspired books for children. Just before she turned sixty, she pivoted into the seemingly unrelated field of broadcast journalism. In , she won a Peabody Award for a landmark NPR documentary exposing gender discrimination in the courts, the dangerous deficiencies of legal protections for abused children, and the way family courts often break up families in their deformed attempts at justice.

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The jungle seems deserted. But thousands of tricksters hide behind the screen of leaves. Share Article Tweet.

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  • Set off on a three-day sea kayaking expedition through the Golfo Dulce in the Osa Peninsula. Venture into Corcovado National Park , keeping an eye out for monkeys, sloths, and scarlet macaws.

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    When not exploring the jungle, participate in a variety of infrastructure service projects to support the communities you visit. You might work on infrastructure for low-income communities along with local associations to achieve economic development or environmental conservation projects. Conclude your adventure by whitewater rafting the Savegre River. Get acquainted with fellow Rustic travelers before boarding your flight.

    Head to the hostel and settle in, relaxing after your long flight. Join the group for an orientation discussion about the week ahead, expectations for your adventure, and an introduction to the local culture. After a light breakfast, head south a few hours into the town of Uvita. On your way stop in the beach restaurant for lunch. Check into the hotel and spend the evening working on an infrastructure project in town to improve the community infrastructure.

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    In the evening, get involved in team building activities to get to know your group. Wake up early to start the day with a delicious breakfast and support local construction projects to improve the community infrastructure. In the afternoon, surf the best waves of the Pacific ocean in Dominical beach. Wake up bright and early and prepare for this adrenaline-filled day in the south of Costa Rica. After a hearty local-style breakfast, get geared up to head toward the jungle where you will spend the day hiking through beautiful trails and canyons to a series of impressive waterfalls.

    Next, professional guides will instruct you on the sport of rappelling, instructing you on important safety measures and preparing you to rappel down the side of the falls. After this mission is accomplished, spend the afternoon lazing by the natural pools and marveling at the height and magnitude of the waterfalls that you have mastered. Join your traveling companions for a fun pick-up soccer game. Wake up early and enjoy a typical breakfast before embarking on a three-day sea kayaking expedition through the Golfo Dulce in the Osa Peninsula.

    Spend the days paddling through the calm waters, admiring the beautiful green landscape, and stopping at various landmarks along the way. Your second day will include hikes in a private reserve, volleyball and soccer games and you will also have the chance to go snorkeling. Congratulations on finishing the expedition! Continue working on your service projects in Puerto Jimenez. This afternoon take a tour of a local chocolate farm to discover the roots and origins of the cacao plant.

    There will be samples! There will also be time for relaxing back at the hotel or heading into town for some souvenir shopping. This will be your final morning to wrap up your service projects and say goodbye to the children and community members that you have grown connected to. Enjoy the warm waves, play a game of soccer or beach volleyball on the sand, or just hang out.

    Join your group for a post-service debrief in the evening, discussing what you experienced and learned through hands-on work in the community. During these next two days you will work on environmental efforts that will ensure that this pristine environment is protected for generations to come. You will also take guided hikes through the Corcovado National Park, which will give you the opportunity to check out this remote and untouched home to tropical wildlife. In the afternoons, play games of beach volleyball or relax in a hammock on the beach. Today is a day packed with adrenaline and excitement as you prepare to experience the beauty and exhilaration of whitewater rafting on the Savegre River.

    The Savegre is considered one of the most beautiful rivers to raft in the central Pacific due to the lush greenery, the narrow canyons, and above all, the exciting class III and IV rapids. After a full day on the river return for a delicious dinner at the hotel and enjoy a relaxing evening. At the end of each program, students reflect on their experiences and the issues they engaged with, and talk about how to apply this new understanding to their own worlds.

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    During or after their closing discussion, groups participate in Rustic Ties, a unique and powerful activity that allows students to capture the memories and learning moments of their program to process and share with their communities back home. Your Program Leaders will take you to the airport for your flight home or to your next Rustic program as you say goodbyes and reflect on your adventure. Packing the right gear and the right amounts is the first step to an incredible travel experience.

    Follow these tips to pack like a pro:. Travel light. Pack only the essentials. Bring the right clothes. Pack clothes that are culturally appropriate for your destination and acceptable for service projects.

    There were too many sick people to take in one day, but it took another five days for a second van to come to the settlement. They had to wait until a national holiday had ended to pick up the rest.

    In the meantime, two more Batek, including a young child, had died in the village. The ministry of health has attempted to declare measles as the cause of death. But the tribe and advocates for the Orang Asli are scathing of the claim. They believe environmental factors — as well as rampant neglect and malnutrition — led to the tribe being ravaged by disease.

    They cite the vast quantities of pesticides used on the palm plantations, and detritus and explosives from a nearby manganese mine, as worrying causes of contamination. Manganese, a highly valuable element used in phone batteries and the making of stainless steel, has long-term health impacts when consumed at high levels, including chronic ill health, damage to the brain, liver, heart and other organs, as well as being associated with high infant mortality, a key issue within the Batek tribe.

    One water source had 25 times the amount of manganese deemed healthy for human consumption by the Malaysian ministry of health.

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    The findings came as no surprise to the tribe. Before the manganese mine began operations in , the water would always run clear, but now as soon as it rains it goes murky, often turning a reddish colour. When the Observer visited the dam the water was a murky brown, with the reddish black stones — waste from the nearby manganese mine — scattered all around. In 20 years I would not be surprised if there is barely any of the tribe left.

    Many still make a monthly journey to the jungle to find sandalwood to sell, and small amounts of food, though it is a long and arduous walk and their profits are never enough to live off. Sitting deep in the jungle under a plastic sheet hung over bamboo, around four miles from their Kuala Koh settlement, Jamal Rafi, 27, cooked fish over an open fire as his two children, Ishah, seven, and Ee, five, played around him.

    The jungle now lies in logged ruins. Then in , the clearance of more than 1, acres for the manganese mine began. Now not even our children are surviving. Pulling a pandan leaf cigarette from behind his ear, he shook his head. We have lost our identity, our way of life. Everything gone too fast.