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That is, until they learn about The Winner's Game, a game their great grandparents invented to save their marriage decades ago. It doesn't work immediately, it takes some time to figure out the right way to play, but little by little things start to change. It seems everything might be okay, until the day tragedy strikes, and they are confronted with what it really means to love--and to be a family.

The One Good Thing is exactly that kind of book.

Craft Cottage - Easy Paper Bag Luminaries

Simply put, The Nine Lessons is a book every father and son should read. Recycling Christmas Lights. Deck the halls with last season's Christmas lights for a spectacular and electrifying science activity. Recycled Paper Garland. Your child can transform them into a fun and exciting paper circle garland she can use for decorating her room.

Recycled Decor. Repurpose those plastic shopping bags hiding in your house into a fun and exciting decoration your child can hang in her room! Ugly Christmas Sweater! This ugly Christmas sweater worksheet gets your kid to celebrate the good, bad, and ugly of Christmas cheer. Design and draw your ideal ugly Christmas sweater.

Bat Bags. Continue until she has enough bodies for all of the bags. Ask her to repeat the same tracing and cutting process for the bat wings, using the black paper Christmas Writing.

Introducing Kevin's newest book, The Winner's Game.

If Christmas were a person, what would he or she be like? Have some fun crafting the ultimate holiday character with this Christmas writing prompt! Christmas Words. Practice spelling Christmas words with this challenging crossword puzzle. Paper Visor. Give yourself some shade with this printable paper visor.

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A Paper Bag Mini Christmas Album, A Quick Run Through

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5 holiday table decorations you can DIY using paper bags! (Yes, paper bags)

What began as Barbara Morgan's holiday decorating idea has become a tradition as compelling as the holiday. The tradition is anything but local.


It dates at least to early 17th-century Spain. In one version, people burned cedar boughs along town paths, symbolically lighting the way to Bethlehem for Mary and Joseph. A slightly different version suggests that luminaria were intended to brighten the way for the Magi. The tradition is a feature of Christmas festivals in the American Southwest. This morning, in the block of Locust Avenue, Karen McCarrick and her two boys, Ricky, 10 years old, and Craig, 7, had finished arranging dozens of luminaria in front of homes whose occupants were away and didn't want to be obvious about it.

Throughout their neighborhood, along stretches of Locust, Hickory, Pine and Beech, luminaria began to pop up like mushrooms, squat and stolid, waiting for dark. McCarrick, a block captain in the army of luminaria organizers, was conscripted by Mrs.

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Morgan for the initial effort in Directing the annual rite has become a small science, with block captains about 65 this Christmas keeping lists from year to year of who needs how many candles. Orders for candles and sacks are taken in October at 30 cents per kit.